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Hardscape Services

Transform your outdoor space with decorative concrete landscape curbing – Reduce your overall maintenance while beautifying your yard.

Hardscape Services

Transform your outdoor space with decorative concrete landscape curbing – Reduce your overall maintenance while beautifying your yard.

Curbs Gone Wild Will Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With Our Expert Hardscaping Services

At Curbs Gone Wild, we take pride in offering top-notch installation of hardscape features, that including paver patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls and pavers brushed concrete, brickwork and flagstone walks and patios, fire pits, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. Our skilled team brings over 20 years of experience and is dedicated to bringing your outdoor visions to life. We are experts in enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your property.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living embraces the harmonious integration of nature and recreation within residential spaces. Outdoor kitchens elevate culinary experiences, enabling the joy of cooking amidst the fresh air. Fire pits create cozy focal points, fostering warmth and connection during chilly evenings. These elements transform outdoor spaces into vibrant, multifunctional sanctuaries, encouraging a seamless blend of leisure and natural beauty for a truly immersive and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Patios & Walkways

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our exquisite walkways and patios crafted from durable and stylish materials. Concrete pavers offer versatility and strength, allowing for endless design possibilities. Flagstone exudes timeless elegance, providing a natural, rustic charm that complements any landscape. For a modern touch, brushed Concrete adds sophistication with a sleek finish. Curbs Gone Wild’s range caters to diverse tastes, ensuring your outdoor oasis reflects your style. Transform your living space with these premium options, marrying durability with aesthetics for a stunning, long-lasting investment in outdoor living. 


Revolutionize your driveway with Curbs Gone Wild premium selection of Permeable Pavers, Concrete Pavers, and Brushed Concrete. Opt for sustainability with Permeable Pavers, reducing runoff and allowing water to infiltrate the ground naturally. Concrete Pavers combine durability with aesthetic appeal, providing a range of design possibilities to enhance curb appeal. For a sleek, contemporary look, Brushed Concrete offers a modern finish that stands the test of time. Elevate your property’s functionality and aesthetic with these high-quality driveway options tailored to suit your lifestyle and make a lasting impression. 


Transform your landscape with “Curbs Gone Wild,” where creativity meets durability. Elevate your outdoor spaces with our stunning Retaining Walls, crafted to withstand the test of time while adding visual allure. Our Stacked Stone Walls bring a touch of nature, creating elegant focal points that seamlessly blend with the environment. Discover the perfect harmony of form and function with our Sitting Walls, combining comfort and aesthetics for relaxed gatherings. With our versatile Block Brickwork, tailor your space effortlessly, adding a timeless and customizable touch. Curbs Gone Wild is your one-stop solution for premium, resilient landscaping elements that redefine beauty and functionality in every outdoor setting. 

Why Choose Curbs Gone Wild?


Our team comprises skilled professionals with extensive experience in hardscaping installations.


We tailor our services to meet your specific preferences, ensuring that your outdoor space reflects your unique style.

QUality materials

We use high-quality materials to guarantee the longevity and durability of our hardscape.

Attention to Detail

Every project, big or small, receives our utmost attention to detail, resulting in a finished product that exceeds expectations.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Spaces With Curbs Gone Wild.

Contact us today to discuss your hardscaping needs and let us bring your vision to life with our expert installation services.